Double Trouble? (1)

Steve is half-asleep on the lobby sofa, when he is brought fully awake by the swoosh sound of the automatic door opening. Helga enters. She is coughing and sniffling into a handkerchief. She starts to walk past him when Steve calls her name. He stands up.

Steve:  Helga, aren't you going to say "Good morning" to me? Is anything wrong?

Helga:  (Very flustered and turning red.) No, I'm sorry; how are you Mr. I think this cold is affecting my memory. What is your name again?

Steve:  Just "Steve."

Helga:  Oh, of course! I'm so sorry, Steve. Well, I have to get to work now. It was nice seeing you again. (She hurries past him and goes down the stairs.)

Steve:  (thinking to himself) That is really weird! At the hospital, she was calling me, "Steve," but today she can't remember my name….She seemed afraid of something…never even asked about Cy. (He sits down again and looks at his watch.) Those plants should be frozen by now. I really was foolish to try handling this problem alone. I need to call the DEA as soon as I can get away from the meeting. Sometimes, Steve, you are too impetus! What do you think is going to happen next?

The door opens again and Charles Turner enters. He does not seem surprised to see Steve.)

Turner:  Good morning! You're here early; hope you didn't stay all night. (He laughs as Steve gets to his feet to shake his hand.)

Steve:  Just thought I would come in early, but I'm not the only one… Helga is already working, too.

Turner:  Is that so? Well let's go get some coffee; the others will be here soon. (The elevator doors open and Helga steps out.)

Helga:  Good morning, gentlemen. (She seems surprised to see them) Steve, how is Cy getting along? Do you have any idea when he will be coming back to work?

Steve:  I'm not sure, Helga. How are you feeling? Colds can be such so exhausting.

Helga:  (She seems disturbed and changes the subject) I'm fine. And Mr. Turner, how arey ou?

Turner:  (He is holding the elevator door open.) Fine, thanks. Helga, would you have time this morning to come upstairs?

Helga:  Is anything wrong?

Turner:  No, nothing is wrong; I just think the board would like to have you attend our meeting this morning. We have a few questions about the work you and Dr. Krueger are doing. He said an important discovery would be ready soon.

Helga:  Shouldn't you be asking him about the work? I'm just his assistant.

Turner:  We don't know how long he will be laid up, so we want you to represent him. Around 10:00? Steve, let's go up.

Helga:  (biting her lip and frowning) All right; yes, I'll be there. (Steve steps inside and the doors close.)

Helga:  (whispering to her self) What am I going to do now? If they find out…

Steve and Turner ride up to the fourth floor. They go into the boardroom; Turner switches on the lights.)

Turner:  Guess it's too early for the secretaries, so I'll try to make the coffee. I can't guarantee it will be any good though; you willing to take a chance? (He laughs.)

Steve:  Sure. (He watches as Turner fills the coffee carafe with water, and adds fresh grounds to the basket. After turning on the switch they both sit down to wait for it to brew.)

Turner:  Do you see any hope for this company to survive?

Steve:  We need to discuss a few possibilities to improve the company image. Then there's the problem of keeping employees, the sudden increase in expenses.
Author: Torsten Daerr