Double Trouble? (5)

Webb:  Good idea! Helga, take your sister to human resources and get all the paperwork filled out. I'll come down to the lab later to talk.

Heidi:  Thank you, Mr. Webb (They both leave.)

Steve:  It seems like there are a lot of interesting things going on in this company. If we could get back to our discussion, please look at the prospectus again.

Johnson:  Yesterday, we had barely started talking when you asked what we saw as the biggest problems in the company.

Steve:  Yes?

Johnson:  We used to advertise job openings, but haven't done that in a long time because of budget cuts. Well, what about participating in a job fair? That wouldn't cost anything.

Steve:  Great idea! Anything else? Phillips I'd like to know how to organize my time better. Martin, you seem to get a lot done; what's your secret?

Webb:  I've established a policy of not accepting phone calls in the first hour I get to work. I use that time to check mail and make notes.

Phiilips:  I like that idea; it would really help me prepare for the day.

Steve:  Another good idea! Now let me ask you a question; how well do you know the managers in the company? Not well?

Johnson:  There's no time to get to know them

Steve:  That's one of the biggest mistakes. You've got to make them feel valuable or they won't stay with the company. If they feel valued, they pass that feeling on to other employees.

Turner:  And just how do we accomplish that?

Steve:  It's as simple as giving praise or saying, "Thank you." Or asking for their opinion. Even if you don't use the idea, the manager feels important by you asking. Have you ever invited one of them to have coffee in the…

Before Steve can finish his sentence there are loud sounds coming from the hallway. Chairs are being overturned. Someone is running down the hall, yelling and sobbing. "Where is he? He's not in his office. Help me!" Several people are running after him, but he eludes then and bursts into the boardroom. Suzanne is right behind him.

Suzanne:  Should I call security, Mr. Webb?

Webb:  Yes, right away! Who is this crazy person?

Man:  You've got to help me! It wasn't my fault! I don't know what happened to the plants; the heat must not have been working! They'll kill me! I know they will! Lennie left town when he saw the plants….He's scared,too. You said, you'd protect us. (Terrified, he falls to his knees in front of one of the board members while grabbing him around the knees and sobbing.) Help me!

Some of the men are mesmerized by the scene in front of them, then horrified at the significance of what they are observing. One lone board member looks angrily at the man grabbing his pants. "You fool, you've ruined everything!" he exclaims.
Author: Torsten Daerr