1. What made Steve decide to buy a tour ticket for Natalie?

2. Steve has a definite agenda to follow at Omega; what makes him change it?

3. What is a prospectus? If you do not know, look it up on a computer.

4. Steve seems very at ease talking in front of a small group. Why do you think he is comfortable in giving a speech? Are you nervous when giving a speech? Why or why not?

5. How does respect play an integral part in a company?

6. Do you think eccentricity can interfere with business?

7. Why do you think Steve wants to look at blueprints of the building?

8. How was deductive reasoning used to prove Cy did not leave the burner on?

9. Steve mentions he wishes his dad had spent more time with him. How difficult is it to find a balance between a personal and business life? What kind of a father do you think Steve will be in the future:

10. Why do you think someone broke into Dr. Krueger's apartment? How did changing his weekly habit protect him?
Author: Torsten Daerr