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6 Reasons You Should Become an English Major

Many people become English majors simply because they love to read and write different genres of literature - but with this degree under your belt, there is a lot you can accomplish.

As employers begin to seek out candidates with creativity, good communication, critical thinking skills, and adaptability, English is a major that will give you all of these attributes and then some. Even with continuous changes to media, education, and business, the skills you obtain with an English degree will be necessary and needed by future employers you come across.

English is a broad major but it can prepare you for a variety of career fields while expanding your understanding of literature and the world.

If you value communication, enjoy reading and writing, spend time thinking critically, or if you can see yourself on the “Best Seller” list one day, it is in your best interest to become an English major. But, if you need a little more convincing, there are plenty of reasons you should consider making English your major.

Get Access to a Vast Selection of Careers
It is a common misconception that when you are an English major, you want to get into the education field and while this is an option, there is a vast selection of careers that you can begin to delve into with the help of an English degree.

As an English major, you will learn a variety of skills that employers are actively searching for. You will learn about creative writing, critical thinking, communication skills, analytical skills, handling constructive criticism, and how to pay attention to detail. While these might be taught geared towards English, these skills can be applied to a variety of careers.

Whether you want to teach K-12 English, teach ESL abroad, work in communications or public relations, have a role in social media management, do editorial work, conduct scriptwriting, create content for websites, or become a technical writer - all of this is possible with an English degree.

Gain Opportunities to Travel
If you are interested in taking the teaching route with your English degree, there is always the opportunity to switch things up and travel abroad while doing what you love. By teaching ESL or English as a Second Language in other countries, you will be able to help non-native speakers learn the English language, all while living in an entirely new country.

This will give you the freedom to explore new surroundings, experience different cultures, and see the world from a new perspective, all while you use your expertise to show others the beauty of communication.

Improve Your Writing Abilities
If you majored in English, chances are you enjoy writing but even if it isn’t your favorite thing to do, this major will give you the ability to improve your writing skills and become a better writer each day.

By completing papers, conducting research, and editing all of your work - you will inevitably become a better writer over time. These writing skills will be essential to a multitude of careers, so take advantage of your education and the expertise you can gain with English as your major.

Even if you don’t plan on writing novels or poetry, the different writing skills you learn with this degree will prepare you to write lesson plans, legal briefs, business memos, or content for websites and social media platforms, which can help serve you in your future career.

Create a Clear Path to Grad School
In most cases, English majors go on to attain a Master’s degree or even a Ph.D., but when doing this you don’t have to stick with literature or writing since there are plenty of other options available for you to get into. You could look for graduate programs involving law, business. Or you can go the transitional route by studying journalism, communications, or getting online master’s in education. It all depends on your interests and what you want to be able to do with your degree in the long run.

By attending grad school and continuing your education, you can make sure that you will excel in your future career, regardless of what it entails. With the skills you learned while getting your English degree and the new things you will learn throughout your graduate program, you’ll be prepared to take on any career that you set your eyes on.

Expand Your Love for Literature
If you are majoring in English, you are bound to enjoy reading different forms of literature. With this becoming a major part of your education, you will be able to expand your passion and love for literature by learning how to better analyze, understand, and dissect anything from poetry to short stories or classic American novels.

If you enjoy reading, becoming an English major will not only help you expand your love for literature, but will prepare you to pay attention to detail, make inferences, and think critically in your future career.

Better Understand Changing Media
Media is changing and evolving every single day, shifting how we consume media in our daily lives. Years ago we had to start up a computer just to search the web or view social media, but now everything is accessible right at our fingertips.

As an English major, you will have a better understanding of how the media has changed and how this has affected the way we express ourselves. With more media being consumed than ever before due to its simple accessibility, majoring in English can keep you versed in how to navigate different forms of media and how it influences our society.

This can help you in any future career, giving you a leg up in understanding technology, media consumption, and how it is continuing to change at a rapid pace.

Why You Should Become an English Major
If you enjoy reading and writing but you also want to further your education to prepare for a variety of potential careers, you may consider becoming an English major. With adaptable skills that are useful in many different career fields, an English major can equip you with everything you need to know to excel in your future.

Even if you don’t plan on becoming a writer or an English teacher, there is so much more you can do with an English degree. You can create an easy path to grad school, gain opportunities to travel, expand your knowledge of literature, better understand changing media, and improve your writing abilities, all while gaining the necessary skills to impress future employers and land any career you set your mind to.
Author: Torsten Daerr