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Geriatrics English Assessment Test (PDF)

This test is for anyone who works in Geriatrics: nurses working in residential care homes, nurses taking care of elderly people, medical geriatrics personnel, medical staff working with elderly people. The test measures a person's ability to use specific English terms, phrases and vocabulary in a geriatrics working environment.

Geriatrics English Assessment Test (PDF)
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English for Specific Purposes :: Geriatrics: Body Parts, Illnesses, and Symptoms 

This specific English language test is for nurses, medical personnel and anyone who works in geriatrics whose level of English is at least B1. The test contains 4 sections:

1) Body Parts

2) Body Functions

3) Illnesses and Symptoms

4) Descreption of Illnesses

The total number of questions is 50. All questions are multiple choice. The test covers the following types of questions and tasks: 

a) Incomplete Sentences

b) Matching Word Pairs

c) Gap Filling

d) Reading Comprehension


The test contains more than 1000 words in total and comes with an answersheet and an answer key. 

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