A Strategic Alliance

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    Since the announcement of their strategic alliance, the two businesses are ..... plans to show how their partnership can create new ways for financial institutions to conduct business and engage their customers.

  • 2

    Lenders and banks around the world are facing increasingly ..... markets, so they are realizing that future gains may depend on their ability to expand the potential and value of their existing customer base.

  • 3

    "We can put financial institutions on the fast track to new levels of profitability and performance by ..... our world-class business consultancy with our unique customer insight and predictive technologies," said their vice-president, Akio Shibata.

  • 4

    Their spokesman explained how this partnership can provide full ..... partnering opportunities across many decision-making processes, from joint service offerings and integrated implementation to complete outsourcing.

  • 5

    He said, "This partnership is about NEC ..... our solutions by spreading Yamashita decision technology to all facets of customer management, engagement and influence."

  • 6

    Financial institutions will be able to ..... Yamashita technology in new ways because of NEC's solid relationship with its customers' enterprises.

  • 7

    As a result of this relationship, NEC customers will enjoy improvement in long running analytics performance via ..... enablement of key applications.

  • 8

    "NEC can rapidly carry us into geographies that we have not traditionally served and demonstrate to those financial institutions the value that can be ..... from Yamashita's having touched so many transactions in the markets."

  • 9

    "NEC offers the ..... of consulting that can help institutions take much greater advantage of Yamashita technology," Shibata said.

  • 10

    Citing an example, Shibata said that the partners are currently working to ..... fraud detection systems with ATM networks.

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