A Tourism Partnership

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    South West Wales Tourism Partnership is the Regional Tourism Partnership serving South West Wales; the Welsh Assembly Government initiated the formation of 4 RTPs across Wales to receive ..... resources and responsibilities for tourism marketing and development.

  • 2

    Four Regional Tourism Partnerships (RTPs) were established in Wales in 2001, ..... with the four regional economic fora areas.

  • 3

    The partners in SWWTP are all the local authorities and a broad spread of tourism, hospitality and leisure industry representatives from across the Region; SWWTP acts as the lead ..... supporting tourism in South West Wales.

  • 4

    Key elements within the Partnership's aims include the need to maximise potential and eliminate wasteful competition for the benefit of the consumer and the trade and to encourage integration of public and private sector resources by ..... a distinct regional bias in decision-making.

  • 5

    The SWWTP drives forward the SWW Regional Tourism Strategy, 'Open All Year', which is now in ......

  • 6

    SWWTP is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee; every 3 years elections ..... to all with an interest in tourism will be held across the region to choose one-third of the industry representatives.

  • 7

    The SWWTP works within strict ..... cost limits, and so its core staff is limited to 3.5 (Director, Project Manager, Office Manager, and part-time Administrative Officer).

  • 8

    The SWWTP will act as an enabling and ..... body, working through others to deliver its objectives.

  • 9

    Targets are set for individual projects from training to marketing, based on leverage for both investment and return on expenditure .....; conversion and tracking studies are built into the activity.

  • 10

    SWWTP took a decision to minimise expenditure on corporate public relations and instead works with its partners to ..... news and opportunities.

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