Areas in a House (1)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    People cook and wash dishes in the ......

  • 2

    People shave and take showers in the ......

  • 3

    People sleep and get dressed in their ......

  • 4

    Family members and guests often share meals together in the ..... of a house.

  • 5

    A ..... is a below-ground area of a house. People often use this as a storage space.

  • 6

    People often watch television and spend time together in a ......

  • 7

    People often hang and store clothes in a ......

  • 8

    A ..... is an outdoor platform that people use for entertaining, lounging and barbecue purposes.

  • 9

    People normally wash and dry their clothes in a ......

  • 10

    A(n) ..... is a room that sits below the roof of a house. There is often a lot of insulation in this area, and it is used for storage purposes.

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