Cash Flow

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    History is ..... with assertions that 'this time the situation is different'.

  • 2

    If the dot com revolution severed the relationship of earnings and price, then the take off in credit derivatives created a world in which risk was distributed so thinly that no one would be caught ..... if the cycle turned.

  • 3

    Global Public Policy Committee communications leave us in no doubt that the ..... from the recent market turmoil will be with us for a long time to come, if the billions in losses by some of the leading global financial institutions have not already done so.

  • 4

    Knowing that the implementation of Basel II (used by banks to align their capital base with economic risk) has consumed hundreds of millions of dollars, it is ironic that even well-capitalized institutions have struggled with a problem as fundamental as ......

  • 5

    If a company needs profitability, retained as capital to offset any future losses, in order to maintain a viable business, then it also needs cash flow to ride the peaks and ..... of the business cycle.

  • 6

    The reason that some of the most sophisticated financial institutions have been caught unprepared by something as basic to business management as cash lies in several dynamics that have been in ..... over several years.

  • 7

    They took several years to materialize, but these dynamics ..... a series of nearly unprecedented shocks during the early fall two years ago.

  • 8

    Cash used to fund increased assets and retire obligations as they ..... due is at the forefront of this egregious disruption of the market.

  • 9

    As cash ..... begins to prevail, the levels of market cash flow tighten and exacerbate the drop in value of financial instruments; this is a dual hit which only concerted central bank intervention can mitigate.

  • 10

    The financial models used have been criticized as ignoring the ..... voices that predicted a turning of the credit cycle as long ago as May of 2007, so that the stress testing parameters were much too narrow.

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