Data Thievery

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    Mistakes can have a huge impact on individuals and businesses, and in a world where data is exchanged, ..... and even stolen at a shocking rate, personal information security has become a top item of public concern.

  • 2

    The Data Protection Act applies to a wide area from security to data processing; it's ....., and it's applied and interpreted in various ways by European Union nations.

  • 3

    Because of its broad scope and varied application, regulatory bodies face a difficult task in tracking how businesses handle data; to rectify this, a greater ..... must be placed on these organizations to monitor and assess data management and data security.

  • 4

    Most companies try to ensure compliance with regulations for safely handling sensitive information, but many don't consider the threat from their own employee practices, whether it is just human error or ......

  • 5

    Organizations should at least utilize basic risk management and policies and techniques to protect data from external threat, but the ..... reality is that data can easily get into the wrong hands through employee intent or error.

  • 6

    The effect of the loss of data through the errors of employees is obvious throughout the EU; it has caused loud public ..... and has serious implications of a social and political nature.

  • 7

    The F1 industry was taken ..... when the WMSC fined Mercedes $100 million for using information from Ferrari to construct its own cars; Mercedes's head designer had received data about Ferrari's cars from a Ferrari team member.

  • 8

    In Belgium in 2007, a Foreign Ministry official lost a USB ..... with the code to the entrance of a Belgian diplomat's house and the names of the guards accompanying the King on his Czech trip.

  • 9

    In December 2006, Norton began research into EC business security and discovered that investment in corporate data protection from external hacking is often undermined by ..... employee behavior and company failure to adequately communicate its security policy.

  • 10

    The complexity of the data protection laws and the paucity of resources dedicated to the government monitoring of compliance have created a ..... of processes and software, few of which are regulated or checked.

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