Letter of Complaint (4)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    At the beginning of May I decided that the only course of action was to ..... a visit to your store
  • 2
    and meet you face to face so that the matter could be settled once and for ......
  • 3
    ..... I should have checked first since when I reached the shop I was led to believe that you were out for the day.
  • 4
    Throughout this time of course I have been without the ..... of a washing machine
  • 5
    and have had to use the local ......
  • 6
    From the end of May until August I have been away on business and was surprised that ..... that period
  • 7
    no effort has been made to write to me and keep me ..... to date.
  • 8
    Since returning in September I have made at least a dozen phone calls and quite frankly I have reached the end of my ......
  • 9
    and must ..... that you do something immediately to put the matter right.
  • 10
    If I do not hear from you by the end of this week I shall be forced to ..... legal advice.

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