Orderly Market Development

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    There can be no assurance as to the prices at which our common stock will trade, if any trading market develops at all; until an orderly market develops in our stock, the price at which such trades may fluctuate significantly and may be lower or higher than the price that would be expected for a fully ..... issue.

  • 2

    Most states and many local governments offer industrial ..... bonds as a way to encourage relocations and expansions of companies that provide good jobs and expand economic opportunities for residents and the community; an IRB is a loan to a company to build or buy a facility or buy land and/or equipment.

  • 3

    When a local or state government has a need for financial support between today and the issuing of a long term bond, the ..... note helps to fill in the gap; essentially, it is a short term bond that is designed to provide recognition of some sort of debt obligation currently coming due.

  • 4

    The incremental performance gains now achieved by regularly doubling the number of transistors on a chip, such as a desktop microprocessor, aren't as significant as they used to be: this is the law of ..... marginal returns, an economic law that states the marginal return on a unit of input decreases as more inputs are added.

  • 5

    Using market data from 1934 to 1972 and analyzing returns at various levels of predictive ability, results show that to perform better than simply remaining fully invested in stocks, one must be able to predict the market with at least 83% accuracy, an ability extremely difficult for even the best market ..... to sustain.

  • 6

    The LSE launched techMARK, an attempt to lure ..... startups to list their shares in the UK rather in the US's Nasdaq or Germany's Neuer Markt; participants aren't limited to online companies, but originate from such sectors as biotechnology and semiconductors as well as software, Internet and fibre-optics.

  • 7

    The loan should be reclassified from an account receivable to a note receivable in PGE's books, and if payment of the loan does not appear probable within a year, the loan should be reclassified as ..... asset in FERC Account 123, Investment in associated companies.

  • 8

    ..... inventory is shown on the financial records and is computed from the initial inventory plus purchases less requisitions or withdrawals; it typically differs from the physical inventory on hand due to shrinkage (loss caused by such factors as evaporation and thefts).

  • 9

    The Accelerated Cost ..... System as a method of asset depreciation was unique in three ways: property class lives were established, calculations were based on an estimated salvage value of zero, and shorter recovery periods were used, resulting in an accelerated write off of capital costs.

  • 10

    Do you balance your checkbook each month? - banks CAN make mistakes, but even more likely is that you'll make a math error in your checkbook ......

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