Real Life: Occupations (1)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    My father is a master ...... He constructs houses and works with many tradesmen and architects on different job sites.

  • 2

    Laura is a ...... She instructs students, corrects homework and makes lesson plans every day. In the summer, she gets a long holiday but starts up again in September.

  • 3

    Samantha is a ...... She serves food and drinks to customers everyday.

  • 4

    My sister is a ...... She works in a bank and assists customers who want to borrow money. She provides them with interest rates and creates credit agreements.

  • 5

    Chris is a ...... He makes delicious food for customers who come into the restaurant.

  • 6

    Ramona is a ...... She examines patients' teeth and treats them for various dental problems. She also gives them information about proper dental hygiene.

  • 7

    James is a ...... He treats patients who have mental illnesses and disorders. Sometimes, he prescribes medication in order to help them cope with their emotional and mental difficulties.

  • 8

    Robert is a ...... He picks people up in his car and drives them to various places. He works in a busy city and he gets paid by running a meter in his car.

  • 9

    Randy is a ...... He drives a very large truck and transports many products from state to state. The vehicles he uses are also called semi or long-haul trucks.

  • 10

    My uncle is a ...... He delivers mail to people everyday. He works for the government and gets a lot of exercise because he walks to individual mailboxes on his daily route.

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