Real Life: The Body and Related Verbs (1)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    You ..... with your eyes. This is when you close and quickly open your eyelids without even thinking about doing it.

  • 2

    You ..... with your mouth and teeth. This is when you grind and mash food in your mouth to make it easier to get down into your throat area.

  • 3

    You ..... with your nose. This is when you are able to detect scents or odors.

  • 4

    You ..... with buds found in your mouth. This is when you are able to detect and perceive flavors from food or drinks that you put into your mouth.

  • 5

    You ..... with your fingers. This is when you extend one finger in order to denote or specify the direction or existence of something.

  • 6

    You ..... with your mouth and lips. This is when you speak, very softly, using your breath rather than your regular, louder voice.

  • 7

    You ..... your shoulders. This is when you lift both of your shoulders usually to indicate indifference or doubt about something.

  • 8

    You ..... with your hands. This is when you applaud something by smacking two hands together in order to create a loud, sharp sound.

  • 9

    You ..... hands when you extend one hand and another person puts his/her hand into yours and an up and down motion takes place. It's a customary action that denotes some kind of sociability or business relationship.

  • 10

    You ..... with your eyes. This is when you look at something for a long period of time in an intense way.

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