Real Life: Types of Buildings (3)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    A ..... is a small dwelling that people sometimes use as a summer or winter home on vacations.

  • 2

    A ..... is a building that is enclosed with glass and used to grow plants.

  • 3

    A ..... is a building that is used to house and treat people who are needy or ill. Doctors, nurses and patients are found in this kind of building.

  • 4

    A ..... or college campus is a place where several buildings are situated and students attend classes in order to get a post-secondary education.

  • 5

    A ..... is a building that houses ancient and historical artifacts and other items of interest. These places put items on display and try to preserve art and historical items of value.

  • 6

    A ..... is also called a cemetery or burial ground. This is an area where people are buried when they die.

  • 7

    A ..... is a very tall, large building that is found in large cities. It usually has many floors.

  • 8

    An ..... is a large place that usually has a big building and several runways on it. Airplanes fly into and out of these places on a regular basis.

  • 9

    A ..... is a large building that stores merchandise and other various products on a large scale.

  • 10

    A ..... is small building that is used as a place of worship and small religious events.

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