Save Our Animals (3)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    On the train journey she began to think about what her father had said with his ..... to the rag bag (muddled collection) of ideas in her organisation.

  • 2

    And if she was really ..... with herself she was beginning to have a teenie weenie (very small) feeling of doubt as to whether she was doing the right thing.

  • 3

    She just wished that her father could ..... and be even steven (fair) about her side of the argument.

  • 4

    But as soon as she reached the meeting point for the rally, there was no time for day ......

  • 5

    At the beginning it was a bit harum scarum (disorganised) and people were running higgledy piggledy (in different and chaotic directions) but soon everything ..... down,

  • 6

    and people who had been running about pell mell (in confusion) were now standing ..... and listening to the speeches.

  • 7

    She felt ..... and was pleased she had come to the demonstration.

  • 8

    And then one incident at the end of the rally convinced her that she had ..... the right decision to work for the organisation.

  • 9

    A police officer on horseback was ..... the crowds and she found herself being gently moved by the horse.

  • 10

    As it drew near she found she was asking herself ..... whether she had done the right thing. She looked at the horse and it was actually nodding its head and she could have sworn it said okie dokie (all right).

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