Shareholder Liability

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    As a shareholder in a ..... company, if it were to become insolvent (equivalent to bankruptcy in the US) you would only be liable to contribute the amount remaining unpaid on the shares (usually zero, as most shares are issued fully paid).

  • 2

    The idea of the price-earnings ..... is that it tells you how many years you would have to wait to get your money back on your investment; if, for example: Goodco's current share price is 1.08 and the EPS is 6p, its P/E is 18 - this means that if you buy a share, and its EPS stays at 6p, you will 'get your money back' over 18 years.

  • 3

    The amount of the penalty-free withdrawals that you can take from your IRA varies considerably, depending on which of the three IRS-approved methods you use to calculate the withdrawals; these three methods are 1) the life expectancy method, 2) the amortization method, and 3) the ..... factor method.

  • 4

    ..... mortgage is a security over movable articles of property held by the lender giving the lender recourse against the property in the event of default by the borrower.

  • 5

    ..... investor is a wealthy, sophisticated investor who does not meet SEC net worth requirements but requires less protection because of large financial resources; only 35 such investors can be included per investment.

  • 6

    The company will want to make sure it has sufficiently reserved shares of equity to compensate and motivate its workforce, but while a large option ..... will make it less likely that it runs out of available options, size is taken into account, and can effectively lower the true pre-money valuation.

  • 7

    When you're searching for stocks with high dividend yields, one quick check you should always make is to look at the company's ..... ratio, which tells you what percentage of earnings management is doling out to shareholders in the form of dividends: if the number is above 75%, consider it a red flag.

  • 8

    In Nomura's Equity ..... Department, some 60 analysts in Japan follow listed companies, analyzing their corporate value and making judgments regarding their current and future value as investments; other activities include meetings to provide timely information to domestic and foreign institutional investors.

  • 9

    We have had a fair number of couples requesting .....-to-die insurance to make sure funds are available for a child with special needs for their care and financial security after the death of both parents.

  • 10

    A quick ..... is the purchase and sale of an investment held for only a very brief period of time, such as in day trading, fix-and-flips, contract assigning, and contract flipping.

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