Sleep well (1)

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  • 1

    She was always finding it difficult to get up in the morning.

  • 2

    It was worse of all in the winter as it was usually dark then.

  • 3

    Nevertheless she made every effort to get to work on time to open the shop before customers arrived.

  • 4

    On one occasion to her shame she slept over.

  • 5

    By the time she had got to the shop there was a long queue of persons waiting patiently to get inside.

  • 6

    The manager was very angry with her and she made an oath to herself that it wouldn't happen again.

  • 7

    On the way home she bought herself a very wide alarm clock, which was loud enough for a fire alarm.

  • 8

    She used it every day from then on and it was a wonder.

  • 9

    that everyone in the rest of her road was not awake as well by the noise it made.

  • 10

    The trouble was she always set the alarm to go off early and fell very tired during the day.

Author: Alan Townend