Training New Staff

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    Well before beginning a training program, the trainer should sit down and prepare a lesson ..... for each day.

  • 2

    The course needs to be well prepared in advance so that all important points will be ......

  • 3

    Before or during the first class, it is important, if possible, to take time to ..... to know the individual students.

  • 4

    An effective trainer knows his or her ......

  • 5

    Put questions to the trainees and encourage them to ..... in return.

  • 6

    Early on, the trainer should ..... what his or her students already know, what previous experience they have, and what difficulties they have encountered.

  • 7

    In this way, the trainer discovers where to ..... emphasis and where to move more quickly through the information.

  • 8

    Training is a dynamic, two-way process; it should always be a ..... rather than a speech or presentation.

  • 9

    The trainer should not forget to cover the minor tasks that are familiar to a longer-term employee; these could well be ..... to a recent hiree.

  • 10

    One important training tool is the list; remember that this may be the only ..... that remains with your trainee after the training session has finished.

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