US Government Questions Test (4)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    The government division that manages oil, natural gas and various other resources for the purpose of utilization and conservation is the department of ......

  • 2

    The government division that deals with students, learning, development and teachers is the department of ......

  • 3

    If someone doesn't pay his/her taxes or knowingly provides false or fraudulent information to tax agencies or administrators, the crime is called ......

  • 4

    When people have the liberty to manage and run businesses with little government control or interference, this type of governing is called a ..... system.

  • 5

    The government sector that manages the construction and maintenance of roads, highways, airports and railroads in the United States is the department of ......

  • 6

    The government sector that supervises all facets of farming and cultivation is the department of ......

  • 7

    By dividing the government into three departments or branches, the power of the nation is split up so each branch is separate and distinct. This is known as ......

  • 8

    When federal and state governments have some control over the same issues, at their distinct levels, the system encompassing this type of government is called ..... powers.

  • 9

    The government division that manages all facets of the armed forces is the department of ......

  • 10

    Certain areas of society are mandated only by the states so the federal government can't control them. This type of power is called ..... power.

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