Vocabulary Practice: War-related Terms (1)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    An aircraft ..... is a large, marine vessel that has a long, landing strip on board. During war time, planes can land and take-off at sea.
  • 2
    ..... fire is a term that is used to describe weapons that are fired and used by one's own side or ally. This takes place when a military unit wants to practice firing various weapons.
  • 3
    An area that is experiencing a war is often called a war ......
  • 4
    An arms ..... is when two countries strive to accumulate more weapons than the other.
  • 5
    War ..... are violations that take place during wars. These breaches can include murder and the mistreatment of prisoners and hostages.
  • 6
    ..... of war are people who surrender or are captured by their enemies during a war.
  • 7
    ..... and other military service members are the brave men and women who enlist and fight for their countries during a time of war.
  • 8
    Wars are always a bad thing because of all of the deaths and ..... destruction they cause. Areas that have experienced a war are often devastated.
  • 9
    Some countries are forced into wars because they have to retaliate because other hostile countries or armies attack them. This is known as ..... defence.
  • 10
    The ..... Convention is an international agreement that stipulates proper codes of conduct during war time. These codes include agreed upon treatment of the wounded, the dead and prisoners of war.

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