Employee asks co-worker to help him with a report on investing psychology.

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Listen to audio recording and answer the questions.

— Wow, James! That's quite a stack of books. It looks like you're studying for an exam.
— Oh I'm studying, but not for an exam. I've been doing some research at the company library for a report on psychological investing. Did you know that some firms use psychology research to develop products like personality tests and employee performance evaluations? They believe it gives them an edge in hiring quality workers and ensuring top-notch performance.
— Oh yeah, I've heard about that. It's called psychometrics. I minored in psychology before I got into stock analysis.
— Really? Could you do me a favor, then? Would you please review my first draft? Mr. Spencer wants this report tomorrow, and I'd appreciate it greatly if you'd provide some feedback. If you could, I'll treat you to an early dinner at the Chinese restaurant around the corner.


What project is the man working on?


Where do the man and woman probably work?


Why is the man asking for the woman's assistance?