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Photo of Andrea Uys
Andrea Uys

Hi, my name is Andrea and I’m a mom to two beautiful kids. I’m also a teacher. I know what it’s like to learn a second language as well as a third language. I know the challenges that you face. Just remember:. When you’re learning a new language it’s OK to make mistakes. You really don’t have to worry. So there’s some things that you can do, for example, learn new words, phrases, idioms, and you can also do a lot of reading. And if you can find someone, to speak to, that will be great too. So just keep practising and good luck with your learning.

Photo of Tamar S.
Tamar S.

Hi and welcome. My name is Tamar and I’m a native English speaker. I really admire and appreciate when others learn English as an additional language because frankly, learning another language can be quite challenging. Each language has its own structure, words, sounds, and accents that can be very different from your own native tongue and so one thing I like to tell others who are learning English is that it takes time and tons of practice. As for myself, I love learning languages too and so, I’ve learned to speak Spanish over the last several years and I am currently learning Portuguese. Though it can be intimidating to speak to a native speaker of your target language, I’ve learned that you can’t be shy in reaching out to others and getting the help you need if you want to achieve your language-learning goals. As well, you have to find creative ways of practicing English if you want to improve. For example, some of the creative ways I continue to practice and maintain my level in Spanish includes watching Spanish movies and T.V. shows on Netflix, reading books in Spanish, talking to myself in Spanish (yes, you heard right), and speaking with other native Spanish speakers whether online or in person. I intend to do the same with Portuguese. So, whatever level you’re at in your English-learning journey, take-heart. Learning English is a process, but don’t give up. I wish you the best!

Photo of Sean Campbell
Sean Campbell

Hi everyone. My name is Sean and I'm 30 years old. I'm from Ireland, and my first language is English. Although, I do speak a second language, so I understand that sometimes it can be difficult. I find that the best thing to do is to watch films, read books, and listen to music in the language that I’m learning. You do not always understand everything, but sometimes understanding the context really helps you understand the content. I hope this helps. Thank you very much.

Photo of Elida Melova
Elida Melova

Hello, my name is Elida and I’m an English teacher and writer. I love languages. It’s very exciting when you learn something new. I have a few suggestions to make your life easier. First, you should set your smartphone and your computer to the language you are learning. Then, if for instance you’re interested in technology you should start watching movies or series that are connected to technology. For example, programmers can watch “Mr Robot”, doctors and nurses can watch “Grey’s Anatomy” and lawyers can watch “Law and Order”. I myself am a big movie fan. Also, I think that you should read magazines, especially out loud because that helps a lot. If you have a dog or a cat or any pet I’m sure they will be happy to listen to you read. My dog always listens to me while I do online teaching. In the end don’t forget that the most important role of a language is for us to pass information. So, don’t worry if you make mistakes at the beginning – we’ve all been there. In time you’ll do much better. If you want to get in touch please do. I look forward to meeting you at English.best.

Photo of Timothy McPeters
Timothy McPeters

Hello everyone, my name is Tim. I'm originally from the United States and I've spent the last 4 years teaching English as a second language in Thailand. In my free time I taught myself Thai because I knew it would be useful for me speaking with locals who couldn’t English themselves. When I first started learning Thai, I knew I had my work cut out for me because I struggled learning Spanish in high school. I really had a hard time with the thai language at first and can remember really being afraid of making mistakes and speaking with the locals. But I think this where we all do most of the learning through our mistakes. In fact, it may be nearly impossible to learn a language without exploring and discovering how it can and can’t be used. So my advice to all of you: is don’t be afraid to mess up, to misspeak, to be misunderstood and this is just part of the long process of mastering a language and as IT professionals take advantage of the opportunities that you have, to practice your English and do the activities that make learning languages enjoyable to you, whatever pursuit your interests and learning style. So I wish you all success in your language Learning and good luck.

Photo of Claire Stephens
Claire Stephens

Hi, my name is Claire and I'm from San Francisco. I am a qualified ESL teacher specializing in ESL content writing. I have been developing ESL-based curriculum and tests as well as teaching students around the world since 2012. I love teaching and I'm committed to helping other teachers discover and reach their full potential through student-centered lessons and exams.

Photo of Sumejja Muratagić-Tadić
Sumejja Muratagić-Tadić

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Learn how to learn: English for Winners

Most learners of English struggle because they have never analyzed their learning methods. “English For Winners” is a guide on how to learn English fast and successfully.

Don’t make the same mistakes as millions of people who are unhappy with their learning results and give up way too early. You can master the English language and make dramatic progress within a few weeks if you apply the right techniques. “English For Winners” is both a reading tutorial as well as an audio book available in English and Russian.

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Grammar through Stories

Are you frustrated with the grammar? You can learn English grammar by reading this series of refreshingly funny stories by the British author and language coach Alan Townend. Each story covers a particular grammar item and a completely new way resulting in an effective and pleasant learning journey.

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Correct the errors!

Are you a team player? Can you spot and correct the errors your colleagues make? With these exercises you can increase your concentration and your ability to amend commonly made mistakes. Your task is to find the mistake in each sentence and then to type in the correct version of the phrase.

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Reading Comprehension

One of the most important skills you need to develop is being able to understand written information in English. At English.best you can read articles about a variety of topics such as technology, business practices and companies, science and research, society and culture. All our texts contain real life information so on top of improving your reading skills you also learn new useful facts and ideas you can apply in your daily life.

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Dictionary and word quizzes

Need to look up a word or want to learn new vocabulary? Use our word lists and make sure you understand the meaning of the words you have learned by taking these quizzes.

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English through listening and audio exercises

Practise and improve your listening skills depending on your current level. You can choose from 5 different categories of listening exercises. As a warm-up we recommend answering a few of our photograph questions: You see a photo and hear four phrases one of which describes what you see in the photo. Once you are comfortable with this type of exercise you can move on to ‘question‑response’ where you hear a question followed by different responses one of which makes sense. There are even more listening materials for you so start exploring now.

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