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A travel adventure

Where should we go on holiday?

Sandra Marttinen

Sandra has decided to take a vacation. But where should she go? The question is best answered by making an appointment with a travel agent. She invites her friend, Donita to go with her. At the agency
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travel agent        a professional trip planner

tropical            a hot, humid climate

cruise ship         passenger ship for leisure

Comprehension questions

 1.    Why does Sandra want to go on a vacation?

 2.    Does she want to go to Alaska?

 3.    Why doesn’t Donita want to go to Hawaii?

(Comprehension questions)

 1.    It has been a very long, cold winter.
       She wants to go somewhere warm.

 2.    No, she has been there already.

 3.    She went th
The next day, Sandra receives a call from the travel agent. She wonders if there are more problems. However, the agent is only calling to give her some information and to ask a few questions.

passport    document issued by government to prove
            citizenship of owner

emergency   an unexpected event that must be
            handled immediately

Comprehension questions

 1.	Why is Sandra worried when Jan calls her?

 2.	Why does Jan need their passport numbers?

 3.	Does Sandra want an expensive stateroom? Why or why not?<
(Comprehension questions)

 1.	Some of the parrots are endangered. There are very few
	left in the world.

 2.	The Sikye, and the Bananquit.

 3.	Yes, the Sandpiper, Barn Owl, and
During the night, the ship has sailed on to Oranjestad, Aruba. Because it is Palm Sunday in a predominately Catholic country, almost all businesses are shut down. But the women have reserved a ride on
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