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A business thriller

Twists and Turns (1)

Torsten Daerr

Finally, Martin Webb was able to get the attention of the shareholders again. They sat erect with hushed, excited faces beaming at him.

Webb:  After I conclude this meeting, please get
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1. When we counted all of the ……………, there were fifty-two votes.

2. Let's go to the airport baggage claim and get our luggage from the &#
1. Why does the attitude of the shareholders change?

2. If you were given a choice between all expenses paid to move or a severance paycheck, which would you choose?

3. What is your
ballots — formal paper for casting votes

severance pay — money given to employee as compensation for the end of job based on length of service.

St. Mary's Mental Institute had originally been started by four nuns in the early 1800's. They observed patients thrown in pits full of snakes or beaten to chase "demons" from their bodies. Being appa
Bruce:  (Sneering.) So it was a big secret, huh? You'd be surprised about all the secrets I know! (Two security men arrive.) Wait a minute, can we talk about this? (Pleading.) Can we make some ki
Mr. Jameson:  A few years ago, when my lovely wife became ill, I wanted her to have the best of care. I took her to specialists, I hired three nurses to work round-the-clock, a cleaning woman to
1. The mayor was very …………… in his speech for higher taxes.

2. The shareholders were please with the ……………
1. Why does Steve want to take a "Red eye" flight?

2. What reason does Natalie give for not seeing Steve before the divorce? Do you agree with her decision? Why or why not?

3. How do
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