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A business thriller

A Close Encounter (1)

Sandra Marttinen

Steve noticed her the first time after checking in at the terminal desk. Impatiently looking around, wondering what he would do for two hours before his flight left for Chicago. Why did he leave the l
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I want to meet her, Steve thought. He walked toward the windows.

Steve:  Excuse me, is this seat taken?

Woman:  No, I'm sorry, let me move my book.

Steve:  Than
Steve:  Something good?

Natalie:  Oh, Steve, I've been talking too much! Let's change the subject and talk about you. What do you enjoy doing?

Steve:  What do I enjoy
mused — to be in deep or serious thought

divorce — official end of a marriage

oblivious — unaware of something or somebody
1. Why do you think Steve is working so many hours?

2. What is the game Steve plays to keep from being bored?

3. What are some of the clues he observes about the honey-moon couple?
1. John …………… so seriously, he did not hear the phone ringing.

2. We were sad to hear that the marriage had ended in ………&#

On The Plane (1)

Torsten Daerr

Soon after enjoying the champagne and hors d'oeuvres in first class, Natalie fell asleep with a contented smile on her lips. She looks so happy, Steve thought. Forced cold air blows from the overhead

On The Plane (2)

Torsten Daerr

Natalie:  (Gives a sigh.) It must be wonderful to fly all over the world.

Steve:  Sometimes. At other times, it can be very lonely. I see the steward is ready to serve lunch. Let's

On The Plane (3)

Torsten Daerr

Steve:  Heather sells handmade dresses and sweaters she buys in Mexico. Once a year, she flies to Acapulco on a working vacation. I suggested going with her as a second honeymoon, but she was aga
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