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How to learn English grammar?

Alan Townend

How to learn English grammar?

Once you have started to learn a foreign language you want to use it, speak it, write it and above all communicate with others. But as we say, you have
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The important thing about a conversation is that two people are talking to one another about a particular topic. The question is: How can you and I talk to each other about English when you don't know

Expressions with the word order or "Order into chaos"

In this story you will find words and expressions in the first half to do with order, tidiness and

Book Expressions

Alan Townend

Book expressions or "Have you seen this book?"

There's a well-known saying that you can't judge a book by its covers and when you apply this to people it's another

Cool Expressions

Alan Townend

Cool expressions or "From one extreme to the other"

In this story will find many idioms with the word cool. As you know an idiom is a fixed phrase that only makes

Colour Idioms

Alan Townend

Colour idioms or "A silver lining"

In this story will find idioms with colours. An idiom is a fixed expression with a certain meaning. Here are some examples:

Saying It Twice

Alan Townend

Saying it twice or "Save our animals"

There are several pairs of rhyming words that have come into the language with the job of emphasising and strengthening the meaning
Usage of pronouns or "One thing or another"

The ONE thing that the boss couldn’t stand was a hint of dishonesty. SOME people believed if you closed a deal by whatever means, then tha

The trouble with English is that there are so many words that sound exactly alike but have no connection with each other whatsoever. A case in point is "weather" which often gets muddled u
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