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Ralph Messmann

The sour taste of beer is still in my mouth, but I manage to keep it in. Walking with my head down, I’m easy meat for the rain drops that feel like small brooks running down my neck. I trail through t
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This article is a personal account and is limited to the perspective of the author. The information should not be generalised to reflect the diverse culture or societal values of China today. An invit
Since that day I have become aware of the noticeable absence of family groups (mother, father and child) in parks and in public. What I see in the street are very young children being cared for by agi
So what started out as a basic oral English class about "families" extended into the realm of the social structure of parenting in China and my own contemplation over what will the future hold for the

China Kid

Clark Zhang

Your childhood experiences are the ones to mold your perspective on the world and your views on spirituality.

In my case, these early experiences would eventually lead to my practice of usi

China Kid 2

Clark Zhang

July 14th, I moved to Britain and excitement put me in an ultimate happy mood for weeks, I forgot the tiredness. I mingled with my dad and step-mom smoothly.

After half a year self English
A German company was involved in negotiations in Moscow trying to sell some 100 million dollars worth of manufacturing equipment to a Russian State corporation. Negotiations went smoothly but differen

Hooked up

Ralph Messmann

“Wil je niet douchen?”
“Yeah, sure, no bother.”

The awkwardness of undressing in front of a strange woman irritates me slightly, but I take my clothes off
John Gilmore was awake long before the alarm clock rang at 5:00 a.m. He had been mulling over what crops should be planted first, if the dairy cows were due for their shots, and worrying about the new
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