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Questions 11.

1. Why does Steve want to take a "Red eye" flight?

2. What reason does Natalie give for not seeing Steve before the divorce? Do you agree with her decision? Why or why not?

3. How does Cy console Steve with his logic?

4. The DEA agent will let Steve leave Chicago under certain conditions. What are they?

5. Cy says Steve will arrive in San Francisco before he leaves. What does he mean?

6. Why is it so urgent for Steve to leave Chicago?

7. What is are shareholders/stockholders?

8. How could a shareholder close down a company?

9. Who has the first rights to the assets in a company, the creditors or shareholders?

10. How do the shareholders respond to an impromptu meeting?

11. What are some of the reasons the Omega board wants to relocate to Mexico?

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1. When we counted all of the ……………, there were fifty-two votes.

2. Let's go to the airport baggage claim and get our luggage from the &#
1. Why does the attitude of the shareholders change?

2. If you were given a choice between all expenses paid to move or a severance paycheck, which would you choose?

3. What is your
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