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Twists and Turns (2)

by Torsten Daerr

Mr. Jameson:  A few years ago, when my lovely wife became ill, I wanted her to have the best of care. I took her to specialists, I hired three nurses to work round-the-clock, a cleaning woman to take care of the house, and a woman to cook her meals. The bills just mounted up.

Steve:  But you must have had insurance.

Mr. Jameson:  Yes, but the insurance only covered 80% of her medical care. Eventually, I had to sell off some of the stock until I no longer had controlling interest.

Steve:  And over the years, you kept giving me shares.

Mr. Jameson:  I don't regret giving you that! You've been like a son to me; always doing your best. I've been very proud of you. More than I can say for Bruce! (angrily.)

Steve:  What does Bruce have to do with this?

Mr. Jameson:  Somehow, he found an investor to buy up controlling interest and put him in charge of the company. Of course, there can't be two "chiefs." So I was told to leave. He actually laughed when I was walking out the door.

Steve:  That bum! After all you've done for him…

Mr. Jameson:  So that's where things stand. I thought I'd better tell you before you go to work tomorrow.

Steve:  I might not have a job either. Bruce seems to resent me. Wait a minute! How much stock do you still have? What per cent of the company?

Mr. Jameson:  I only have 30%.

Steve:  And I have 22%. (Steve is grinning.)

Mr. Jameson:  You mean…

Steve:  That's right! Together we have 52% controlling interest! Here give me a dollar… I'm selling you my interest.

Mr. Jameson:  No, Steve, you can't do that; You've earned that stock!

Steve:  It will be worth 22% to see the look on Bruce's face when you walk back into your office!

Mr. Jameson:  Yes, it will. You're a good guy, Steve.

Steve:  Just give me a dollar to make this sale legal.

Mr. Jameson:  All right, but I insist on giving you the market value later.

The next day, Steve is with Jameson when they walk into his former office. Bruce is sitting in the chair with his feet up on the desk. He is looking very pleased until he sees them walk into the office.

Bruce:  What are you doing here? (Snidely.) Are you bringing reinforcements, old man? Get out of my office before I have security throw you out! Both of you. (Picks up a metal ashtray and throws it at Jameson.)

Steve:  (catches the ashtray) Now, Bruce that isn't a very nice way to treat your boss. (smiling.)

Bruce:  I guess you haven't heard the news, "golden boy," he doesn't have controlling interest in the company anymore. I'm the new boss!

Steve:  I think you had better work on your math skills, Bruce. You see, Mr. Jameson just bought some more shares in the company, making a grand total of owning 52%… and that adds up to controlling interest.

Bruce:  But that's not possible. (He is pale and takes his feet off the desk.) I've been trying to buy the rest of the stock….

Steve:  How does a man, so broke he has to borrow money, have thousands to buy shares in this company?

Bruce:  Not that it's any of your business, but I have investments in another company. (He seems bewildered at the turn of events.)

Mr. Jameson:  I really don't care where he got the money, Steve. I just want him out of my office. (Goes to phone.) Security, this is Jameson. I need you to escort someone out of the company, right away.

Bruce:  But you can't just throw me out…

Mr. Jameson:  You don't think so, just watch me!

Bruce:  (Angrily to Steve.) All of this is your fault! You should have stayed in Chicago!

Mr. Jameson:  How did you know I sent Steve to Chicago? I never told anyone where he was going?

Steve:  That's what I was thinking…

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