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Twists and Turns (3)

by Torsten Daerr

Bruce:  (Sneering.) So it was a big secret, huh? You'd be surprised about all the secrets I know! (Two security men arrive.) Wait a minute, can we talk about this? (Pleading.) Can we make some kind of a deal? I'll do anything!

Mr. Jameson:  No, take him to the parking lot. Make sure you watch him drive away. (To Bruce.) If I ever see you on this property again, you'll be arrested for trespassing.

Bruce:  You'll both regret this! You better watch your backs from now on.

Security:  Mr. Jameson, I'll be glad to be a witness that this man threatened both of you; do you want to press charges?

Mr. Jameson:  (Disgusted.) Just get him out of here.

Steve:  Wait a moment; I'll press charges against him.

Bruce:  Steve, you wouldn't do that!

Mr. Jameson:  I changed my mind; I'm bringing charges against him also.

Bruce:  It won't work. You have to prove I was really going to injure you.

Steve:  Maybe, maybe not. But I could make sure the police department is real familiar with your name. Someone might even investigate how a man suddenly goes from broke to having thousands of dollars. The IRS might be real curious, too.

Bruce:  All right. What do you want?

Mr. Jameson:  (To security men.) Would you please wait outside in the hall? (They go out.)

Steve:  Where did you get the money?

Bruce:  I told you; I had investments in another company. (He sits down.)

Steve:  What is the name of the company?

Bruce:  (Squirming.) I forgot.

Steve:  You forgot? That's a poor excuse.

Mr. Jameson:  Maybe he did forget.

Bruce:  (Very angry and shouting.) You think I'm stupid, don't you! I didn't forget the name of the company; it was Omega!

Steve:  (Shocked.) Omega.

Bruce:  Yes, my brother lives in Chicago He said he had an opportunity to make some big money at Omega and just needed $100. He promised to split the profits 50-50 with me. I thought it was just another of his "fly-by-night" ideas, but he started sending me $1000 every week, and then it was $5,000 and more a week. The money just kept pouring in.

Mr. Jameson:  Didn't you ever wonder if it was illegal?

Bruce:  Yes, I did, but I really wanted the money! I was tired of being a "nobody." That's when I got the idea to buy shares in this company and become the boss. Then I'd get respect from everyone or they'd be fired!

Mr. Jameson:  You can't buy people's respect; you have to earn it.

Bruce:  I know; but it seemed like such a perfect plan and now…

Steve:  Now?

Bruce:  I'm worried about my brother. None of his friends have seen him. He seems to have disappeared. (Bruce rests his head between his hands in anguish, deeply worried.)

Steve:  What are you going to do? (Sympathetically.)

Bruce:  I think I should go to Chicago and try to find him.

Steve:  And do you need money to do that?

Bruce:  Yes. (Sheepishly.)

Steve:  How about selling Mr. Jameson some of your shares?

Bruce:  Maybe. (Pauses, considering what to do.)

Steve:  Maybe?

Bruce:  Yes, I'll sell him some of the shares. (Gives a big sigh.)

Mr. Jameson:  I'll contact a broker to find out what a fair price is.

Bruce:  Thank you. I'll get out of your office now.

Steve:  Bruce, I hope your brother is all right.

Bruce:  Thanks. If you have pen and paper, I'll sign over the shares to you, now. Then you can give me a check tomorrow.

Mr. Jameson:  I'll leave it with the security guards at the desk. Goodbye and good luck. (Bruce leaves.)

Steve:  I kind of feel sorry for the guy. He is actually worried about his brother. I didn't think Bruce had feelings for anyone except himself.

Mr. Jameson:  People can really be surprising at times.

Steve's phone rings.

Steve:  Excuse me a minute. Hello. Cy! Hey good to hear from you! How was the meeting? (long pause) So it went really well, good! Who called? St. Mary's Institute…warn me? (groans) How in the world did she escape? … (listening to Cy.) You need to keep an eye on Natalie for me! Don't let her go anywhere alone…Not even to the airport! Give me her flight number and I'll meet her when she arrives. I'm really worried about Heather's deleterious actions!

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