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A day in the life of a policeman

A day in the life of a policeman

Alan Townend

Paul Williams is a policeman and he is very happy in his job. He thinks it's useful and interesting. He has been a policeman for ten years and now he's a sergeant, but he often thinks of his first two
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Paul    May I ask what you are doing?
Man     Go away, you fool.
Paul    I'm a police officer.
Man     Good luck to you!
Paul    And here is my identifica
force                           short for police force
closely                         with great attention
give up                         stop doing somethi
A.    Comprehension questions

 1.   How long has Paul Williams been a policeman?
 2.   Why did Paul think of giving up after nine months?
 3.   Why was Paul the last one to receive 
A. 1. For ten years.
   2. Because he couldn't get used to the hours he had to work.
   3. Because they were given in alphabetical order.
   4. Because he was born there.
   5. So th
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