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A day in the life of a stately home owner

A day in the life of a stately home owner

Alan Townend

The Pelham-Smiths are no longer as rich as they once were. At one time they owned a large house in London, an estate in Scotland and Pelham Manor, a seventeenth-century house standing in sixty acres o
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Sir John wasn't sure whether this question was entirely innocent, but it would make an interesting anecdote to add to his repertoire.

After lunch Sir John called the entire staff into his s
faced (with a bill) confronted
bill                the charge for something
death duties        taxes on  the money and property of
                    someone w
A.    Comprehension questions

 1.   When did Sir John inherit Pelham Manor?
 2.   How does Sir John hope to pay death duties?
 3.   Why did the estate manager look glum?
 4.   What
A. 1. On the death of his father five years ago.
   2. From the entrance fees.
   3. Because the accounts for the last quarter didn't look very
   4. It will discourage p
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