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A day in the life of a student teacher

A day in the life of a student teacher

Alan Townend

My name is Henry Robinson and I'm a student teacher. A very important part of the training course is "teaching practice"; that's when a student teacher goes to a school and teaches for several weeks.
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Teacher    Didn't he throw things at you?
Henry      No, he didn't.
Teacher    Didn't he pretend to be ill?
Henry      No.

Teacher    I
frightening                causing fear
college supervisor         teacher at a teacher training
                           college who supervises the
A.     Comprehension questions

 1.    Where did Henry Robinson do his teaching practice?
 2.    How often did Henry's college supervisor visit him?
 3.    What did Henry want to ask
A. 1. In a school just outside Edinburgh.
   2. Once a week.
   3. He wanted to ask him if he could just watch for the first
      week and start the actual teaching the following wee
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