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Questions and exercises 1.

Comprehension questions

 1.	Why is Sandra worried when Jan calls her?

 2.	Why does Jan need their passport numbers?

 3.	Does Sandra want an expensive stateroom? Why or why not?

 4.	What is sea-sickness?

 5.	Why should medicine be in the original container?

 6.	Explain formal, semi-formal and casual clothing.

 7.	What stores or services are on the ship?

 8.	Is there anything for children to do on the ship?

 9.	Who is in charge of the activities?

10.	What kinds of activities are onboard?

Cloze activity

Use the vocabulary words to complete the following sentences

 1.	When meeting the queen, one must use __________ 

 2.	The flowers were in a beautiful, brass

 3.	The seal on the government __________ made the
	papers official.

 4.	Her sudden pain on the right side created an 
	__________ situation.

 5.	His quiet reasoning made a huge __________ in
	settling the argument.

 6.	Did you remember to __________ theater tickets
	for tomorrow?

 7.	I hope she remembered to pack __________ for 

 8.	It was disappointing when the captain __________ 
	the trip because of bad weather.

 9.	You can’t get on the ship without a __________ 
	showing	where you were born.

10.	I was surprised at the size of the __________ on 
	the ship.

New words and expressions

Questions and exercises

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travel agent        a professional trip planner

tropical            a hot, humid climate

cruise ship         passenger ship for leisure

Comprehension questions

 1.    Why does Sandra want to go on a vacation?

 2.    Does she want to go to Alaska?

 3.    Why doesn’t Donita want to go to Hawaii?

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