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Vocabulary words and expressions 1.

passport    document issued by government to prove
            citizenship of owner

emergency   an unexpected event that must be
            handled immediately

stateroom   a furnished cabin on a ship or train

cancelled   stopped an event from happening
            (past tense verb)

documents   official papers as a record of events 
            or arrangements

reserve     to set aside for future use

container   an object used to hold something

difference  state of being unlike something or
            someone else

medication  treatment for illness

formal      correct in behavior, ceremony or dress

New words and expressions

Questions and exercises

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travel agent        a professional trip planner

tropical            a hot, humid climate

cruise ship         passenger ship for leisure

Comprehension questions

 1.    Why does Sandra want to go on a vacation?

 2.    Does she want to go to Alaska?

 3.    Why doesn’t Donita want to go to Hawaii?

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