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How I learned English

by Patricia Kacprzak

I've been learning English since I was 7. The first few years were really disastrous to me! We -- my brother and I -- had to learn words and grammar rules, which didn't seem to have much sense for us at that time. We completely didn't feel the need to learn English. Everything has changed since I went to the USA for the first time in 1989. I was under great impression of picturesque Great Cannyon, Sonora Desert and by all means, as a little girl I was fascinated by Disneyland!

As far as my education is concerned, I think that the most important thing to mention is that from the earliest childchood, I've been taught by qualified teachers, either at home or in high school, not to mention the university. Also, it is always possible to use assignment help, if you still have some difficulties. I think that this is of prime importance especially for young learners, as they tend to learn wrong things very easy and later it takes an uphill struggle to eliminate those errors.

My teachers focused on all aspects of the language:grammar, vocabulary, oral and written English. When I was younger they used to show me what are the best ways to practice a language. Nowadays, I now my mind about what to do to learn it most effectively. I watch many films in original version and American programms on TV, I read English books. To practice new words I write essays which include new interesting vocabulary.

Such exercises help me a lot during oral exams when I have to answer qestions or deliver a speech. I could work on vocabulary 24/7, especially on idioms and metaphors, they are my favorite! By all means, I use many exercise books which help me to practice my grammar, yet I'm of the opinion that the most natural way to practice grammar is to talk, write essays etc. Of course, you have to know the grammar rules first. All in all, I must admit that I like oral English the most. Mabye it's because I'm a quite talkative person.

Thanks to this feature, oral exams are usually a piece of cake for me ;-)

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