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How to Organize Your Writing Essay Process?

by Bertha Graham

Writing an essay usually seems to be a dreaded task for students. Whether it is for a thesis or for a scholarship, several pupils take it to be overwhelming. These are large projects that make people shy away from them. However, there are steps that you can take for the writing process. If you are having trouble writing down your essay, you have come to a tight place. Begin with this article to learn how to organize your ideas and write them.

Choose a Topic
You might have already been provided with the topic. At times, you are free to choose the subject you like the most. In case you have been provided with the topic, consider the type of paper you would like to produce. Consider if it will be a general thesis statement. If required, narrow down your focus.
But if you haven’t been assigned a topic, you will have to put in some effort. Nevertheless, this opportunity will give you a chance to choose an interesting subject. Begin by defining your purpose. Once you have decided that, research on the topics you think are interesting. Write them down and evaluate the options you have. All in all, it has to be an interesting topic. You can get ideas to expand on the topic. In case you want to educate, go for a subject you have. But if your aim is to educate, go for a subject that you love.

Create an Outline of Your Ideas
For composing a good essay, you first have to put your thoughts in line. When you take what’s in your head and jot them down on paper, you can see the connections between the thoughts much more clearly. Use an outline for jotting down the ideas and organizing them.
For creating a diagram, just write down the topic in the page’s center. Draw 3-5 lines branching from the prime idea and then write down the main points at the end of the lines. Now, draw more lines of a point. Also, include the thoughts you have on this.
In case you would like to create an outline, just write the topic at the top. Then list down the main points but leave space between each. In this pace, list other small ideas related to the main one. This will make you see the connection and help you write a better essay.

Write the Thesis Statement
Now that you have already chosen the topic and have sorted your thoughts under different categories, you need to create a thesis statement. The statement for the paper tells what the essay has to say. Check out the diagram or outline and go over the main ideas.
Your thesis has two parts where the first part talks about the topic but the second section talks about the point of the essay.

Write Down the Body
The essay body expresses and argues about the topic. Every main idea that you write down in the outline or diagram becomes a separate section inside the essay’s body.
Each paragraph in the body will have the same structure. Start with one of the primary ideas as an introduction. After this, write each of the ideas supporting the thesis in a sentence format. However, make sure that you leave 3-4 lines between every point. Make sure that you are giving detailed examples for backing up your position. Fill in the spaces with the required information that helps in linking together the smaller ideas.
A good paragraph will find its way to support whatever you are writing on. Make sure that it is not filled with redundant sentences or irrelevant evidence. It should support the main point using enough evidence. It should be coherent and make sense as a whole.

Write Down the Introduction
So, you have an overall structure for the essay. Now, it is time to pen down the introduction. This needs to grab the attention of the readers and talk about the main topic of your thesis.
Hence, you should write something that will grab the reader’s attention. For instance, you can use some shocking information, a story, or dialogue. You can also use a simple summary for the topic. No matter what angle you choose, ensure it is tied to the thesis statement.

Write Its Conclusion
It is the conclusion that will bring the reader closure to the topic and sum up the overall ideas while offering a final perspective on the topic. The conclusion should have at least 3-5 strong sentences. Just review the main point and offer reinforcements to the thesis.

Give a Finishing Touch
After you are done with the conclusion, many make the mistake of thinking that they are done with the essay. However, that is not the case. Before you take it to be finished, you need to pay attention to the details.
Check the paragraph order. Make sure that the stronger points are at the first and last of the body’s paragraphs. Keep the others in the middle. Moreover, you need to make sure that the orders of the paragraphs are making sense. In case it is describing a process, like how great is fruit cake, check if the paragraphs are in the right order.
Go through the instructions for the thesis once again if applicable. Several scholarship forms and teachers follow a different format. You need to double-check the instructions to ascertain that the essay is in the right format.
Ultimately, revise what you have penned down. Go through the paper once more to find out if it makes sense. Check for the sentence flow to ensure it is smooth. Also, add phrases for connecting ideas and thoughts. Check the essay for spelling and grammar mistakes.

Bottom Line
These tips to organize the essay will not only help you to write scholarly articles but will help in improving your writing. With these, you can effectively and thoughtfully draft research papers and essays for the classes. Like every other thing, becoming a good writer will take practice. Even though school exams and research papers are excellent for honing your skill, you can also perfect your abilities by mastering the written word every day.

Author Bio
Bertha Graham is a writer, illustrator, and an editor at She is an expert when it comes to thesis and college essays writing. Besides, she has been blogging for a long-time now and has written multiple articles on studying-related topics from how to work on your essay to how to organize your time and study efficiently that has helped millions of students to achieve great results.

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