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How to Correctly Use Examples in Your Essay

by Linda Heard

A general rule in essay writing is never to use more than two examples in an argument or paragraph. Be sure to consider the overall purpose of the essay and which illustration you will use to support your point. For example, if your main point is that you can thrash an article with a single example, you might consider a more creative approach. While all illustrations used in your paper should be relevant to the argument and not included to add length (for example, an anecdote that is not related to the paper's main point), you need to ensure your reader understands your connections and links between examples. If you are using complex illustrations, you might want to consider using subheadings to place emphasis. It is also essential that the reader knows the direction in which the example will develop.

As a first step, you should use a variety of examples. This will make your writing more organized and free from mistakes. You can read some free essay samples on to make it easier for you to write your own. You will see the correct structure of the essay and the arguments to be made. This will help you to create your own reasoned and argumentive paper in a shorter time.

If you are going to use a metaphor or simile, make sure it is appropriate. Also, think about whether to use an example from a person, place or thing and whether it is to compare something with something else or from the past.

You should not only focus on examples that are funny, dramatic or shocking. You need to consider relevant information that is factual, relevant and important to the overall scope of the essay. The example must illustrate the point you are trying to make. Do not use it to fill space or time, but rather use it in a meaningful way.

Why it is Important to Use Examples in Your Essay
One of the most common mistakes in writing is missing an example. This mistake leads to insufficient evidence and weak arguments. Furthermore, it makes your piece of work look like a copied-and-pasted work of plagiarism when none are used.

Some people may argue that you should only use directly relevant examples, but this rule is debatable because nobody can give concrete answers to this question.

Academic essay writing applies showcases for many reasons:
1. To clarify your arguments
2. To illustrate your arguments
3. To detail what you mean when using the word "for instance" in your argument.
4. To illustrate a point with concrete examples, not abstractions or generalizations.
5. They also help the reader see the differences between your opinion and other perspectives.

How to Use Essay Examples for Writing Your Own Paper
Finding out how to use such in an essay needs your critical thinking skills. You will need to select models that are relevant and beneficial for your paper.

This list is sufficient enough for most cases.

1. Always pay attention to your purpose
The purpose of essays depends on what you desire to accomplish with them. You may want to inform or persuade or entertain, or more. The examples should conform to your purpose to help the reader better understand your content.

2. You can't limit your examples to one topic
Once you have decided on the essay's purpose, you will need to look at your topics and select samples that are relevant to the titles. Sometimes, it will be challenging for you to do this because many different things could be considered appropriate.

For example, suppose you are writing about what people expect from their teachers. You could write about how some people think that teachers shouldn't give rewards to students who do well in exams because they tell them what they want to hear.

3. Use them selectively
You can have too many of them, but this is the hardest thing to accomplish when reusing models in essays. Summaries make your work brief and on point. If they are too many in a sentence, it may be hard for your reader to understand why they are included. Also, learn how to introduce an example in your paperfor relevancy.

4. Use different types of examples
When you are looking for examples, you can get creative by finding familiar ones, unusual ones, abstract ones, or even ones that might be dangerous if used in the wrong way—learning how to introduce an example in an essay matter! Ensure you introduce all your examples in an organic way that fits the context.

How to Properly Format Examples and Quotes in Your Essay
The use of quotes and examples is among the good ways to start an essay. Once you have chosen them, you will need to decide how to present them. It is best to use them in a way that supports the main point. Learn how to write an example to fit your format. It will also help them understand such instances affect your point of view. Here are some tips about the formatting:

1. You can put the example or quote at the beginning of the paragraph
You should only do this if your examples are small enough to be put in this manner. If they are extensive, then you can use them without other paragraphs. Also, ensure you understand when and how to introduce an example in an essay, whether a college or company paper. Let them fit the context of your topic and writing.

2. If you are looking for how to write an example, you can begin a paragraph with a colon. In this format, the example is separated from the rest of the section by a colon.
3. You can use a paragraph break in between the example and the quote

Apart from understanding how to introduce an example, formats also matter. In this format, you will need to be careful about how it is set out. Not every terminal symbol is going to work for every kind of text.

Examples are crucial to all college student academic essays. They make your research papers look legit. Without relevant illustrations, your work may look like any other download or plagiarized work.

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