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The 7 Sins of Essays And How Not to Commit Them

Write Better Essays: 7 Mistakes to Avoid

In this article, the experts of will talk about the seven sins of essay writing - the main mistakes that cause students to get a "fail" and go to retake the essay.

  1. Rewriting instead of an argument

Replacing an argument with a paraphrase is one of the most popular mistakes made by students.

An essay is an argument, so the examples you give should support your thesis or expand on it. You are not competing in your ability to memorize works of the school curriculum. You need to show that you are able to analyze what you read, to integrate it into your experience and your statement.
  1. Other people's thoughts instead of your own

“Why learn to write texts when there are already ready-made ones on the Internet? I won't be able to formulate a thought that way anyway.” This seems to be what a student think, judging by how much demand there is for publications with essays, argument banks, and preparations for topic areas.

First of all, the examiners find even partially copied text. Combining fragments from different essays will not help: if someone else's thoughts more than your own, they will give you "fail" for the entire paper.

Second, published blanks are too general, as they focus on the open direction as a whole. Using them leads to significant deviations from the topic. If you are asked to speculate about whether you should strive to win at all costs, it makes no sense to tell you what winning by itself is. This takes you away from answering the question, and you risk getting a "fail" on the first criterion.

Third, resorting to a bank of literary arguments can turn out to be a lot of factual errors. In trying to paraphrase someone else's example, students confuse characters, choose inaccurate concepts, and distort meaning. That's why you shouldn't write about texts you haven't read yourself. If you want your essay to be written by a professional, you can use this service

  1. Incoherent and confusing text 

An incoherent and confusing text is a problem common to most essays. To avoid it, you should first make a detailed plan for your future reasoning: outline the main idea and ways to prove it, think of the structure and content. Unfortunately, students rarely begin their work in this way.

Relevance to the topic - the main criterion. The essay must be an expanded answer to the question posed. And if you, confused in your thoughts, forget to give an answer to it, you will not get credit for the entire paper. And if you can't manage to write an essay on your own, use the help of thr best essay writing services.  Authors of such companies have many years of experience and know all the subtleties of successful work.

  1. Cliches and repetition

If the preparation comes down to memorizing patterns and cliches, the output is a pseudo-text - a compilation of common and therefore meaningless phrases.

The use of cliches is bad not only from the point of view of speech quality. This criterion does not affect the scoring of the entire paper anyway. The problem is that poverty of speech is often associated with poverty of thought.

When paragraphs are connected only by pre-prepared common phrases, there are logical errors. 

  1. Poor arguments

In reality, it is much more important to demonstrate the depth of the topic's disclosure. To do this, it is enough to refer to one work: analyze it and in the essay show how at different levels proves the outlined thesis. If another text is used, it is worth comparing examples. This is not possible for everyone - usually the arguments exist separately from each other, do not deepen or develop the idea.

 For the argument to count, you need a full-fledged analysis.

  1. Inattentive Examination

Writing an essay is tedious: you have to fight the fear of a blank page, choose wording, look for arguments. And students are so proud of the result of this difficult work that they don't pay enough attention to checking. "It won't get any better," they think, and turn in a text with typos, repetitions, missing commas, and other mistakes.

Not for nothing do even experienced authors take a short break before they sit down to edit what they've written.  

  1. Accusations instead of actions 

Last on our list of sins is anger. This is a mistake that students make while they are still preparing.

Don't wait for someone else to tell you how to write an essay correctly, how to structure it, etc. Take action yourself. Ask teachers for help. From your senior classmates. They have more experience in writing, which means they can give you good advice.  

Summing Up

For your essay to be successful, you need to avoid a number of mistakes. 

7 popular mistakes in the essay

  1. Retelling examples from literature without commenting on them. 
  2. Use open-ended thematic areas as a blueprint.
  3. Writing without an outline. An introduction-main part and conclusion - is not a plan.
  4. Build an essay by relying on templates and clichés.
  5. Focus on the quantity of arguments rather than the quality of the arguments.
  6. Be content with a cursory check of the text.
  7. Shifting the responsibility for the result to the school.

The essay is not only an admission test, but also an opportunity to get extra points for admission.


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