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The Use of Plagiarism Checker Tool in Academic Writing.

Plagiarism is unacceptable conduct that cannot be overlooked in academic writing. The Internet is the easiest accessible source for students where they can intentionally or unintentionally duplicate someone else's work or research.

Many educational institutes are now using checkers for plagiarism to tackle this issue. This software generates an in-depth analysis of the content submitted by students. This article features the contributions and benefits of plagiarism checkers in academic writing. 

How does a plagiarism checker work?

There are several factors upon which plagiarism checkers perform analysis of academic papers. However, the majority of tools perform plagiarism checks in the following ways:

  • Highlights the copied lines and paragraphs to differentiate them from unique content.
  • Provide links to the websites to which your content is related.
  • Extract the percentage of plagiarized content from the whole academic paper.
  • Improper citations are highlighted to improvise.
  • It also highlights the portion which requires paraphrasing.

Contributions of Plagiarism Checker Tool in Academic Writing

1. Reliable Assesments

For teachers, a plagiarism checker is a reliable tool that makes the assessment process more manageable. Instead of manual checking for references and citations, teachers can use checkers for plagiarism.

Within minutes, plagiarism software develops a detailed report of academic papers, which assists teachers in grading procedures. 

In the meantime, educators can focus on other aspects of submission like grammar and writing style.

Report generated from a plagiarism checking tool generates a highlighted output that helps teachers focus on the areas where students face difficulties. 

Mistakes like poor paraphrasing, active or passive voice, and the use of synonyms can be checked in a matter of minutes.

2. Helps to improve writing skills

The most challenging factor for any student is creating unique content based on their research. For students, the internet is the most convenient source of accessing information.

But while performing research, students may extract information that seems like the exact copy of available content online. In that case, a plagiarism checker can come handy.

Using checkers for plagiarism, students can learn about their mistakes with their writings and paraphrasing

Students and researchers can learn about various forms of plagiarism and avoid it.

The use of plagiarism tools by students can help them improvise their research and thesis preparation standards. Students can use these tools for self-assessment to reduce their writing mistakes.

3. Develops ethical values among academic activities

Copying someone else's efforts to pass through your academic assessment is a shameful act. This unethical habit can be prevented with a plagiarism checker.

When students have access to plagiarism checkers, they will avoid making assignments by unfair means. Checker for plagiarism allows students to maintain a sense of morality

Researching your content prevents students from copying other people's work. This development makes students respect other people's efforts in research work.

4. Appropriare use of information

Using a plagiarism checker tool, a student can gain a meaningful learning experience. Once they are familiar with the consequences of plagiarism, they learn about the importance of writing original content.

Such tools are helpful for students pursuing education on a higher level like a Ph.D. or postgraduate. These academic stages are crucial and professional, where ethical values are portrayed through a student's academic performance.

The significant role of giving credit when using someone else's words can be improvised to develop quality assignments and thesis. Students learn about appropriate citations and references while paraphrasing other people's words in their sentences.

5. Helps to develop original content

The Internet is a source of information used by almost every school and college student to use these days. While extracting the information, it can match various portions of your research work.

However, the plagiarism checker encourages students to perform in-depth research on various topics. Conducting in-depth research enables students to develop something original based on their efforts.

Performing timely research enables a student to function efficiently within a given period since they have to put in their best efforts to avoid plagiarism from their content

Limitations of Plagiarism Checking tool

Where plagiarism checkers bring a lot of conveniences, this software also has some limitations. Some of these limitations are mentioned below:

  • The authenticity of citations may not get verified.
  • Unpublished material may not be detected if mentioned in the content.
  • It matches the words but could lack to match unattributed paraphrases.


An extensive amount of content is available on the internet, answering almost any question. For students, the internet has become a convenient source to extract information. Students often copy this content to save their time and effort on research.

However, this action may raise several issues for students and affect their academic reputations. That is why plagiarism checking tools are helpful in academic writing. 

Plagiarism checking tools assist students in working ahead of their project by maintaining the ethics of research work.


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