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Virtual Reality in Education: How is it Impacting Your Life?

by Oscar Mitchall

Virtual reality is no longer a new phenomenon and it is already difficult to surprise them. But what deserves admiration is the use of VR in education.

VR in education as one of the areas of its use

Virtual reality has become widespread in our lives and there are several main reasons why this happened:

1. With the development of technology, prices for such equipment have dropped significantly. From the first day of the creation of the technical equipment of virtual reality, these devices have become available to almost everyone and are no longer a rarity.

2. New VR software was created to use it with. In recent years the number of apps that are used for VR applications has increased.

3. Key global companies use VR in their work. World-renowned companies use VR to develop their projects. We can say with confidence that VR has long ceased to be just entertainment.

4. More and more investments for VR development are coming in. At the moment, the total volume is more than $ 2.6 billion per year and this amount is not decreasing.

Virtual reality effects on society are impressive and generate a lot of discussion and controversy. We may think a lot about the pros and cons of virtual reality, but experience tells us that people use it in many areas of science and education, thereby increasing the productivity and efficiency of their work.

Where and by whom VR has already been applied earlier in history

Virtual reality and artificial intelligence are two whales that are closely related to each other and are extremely important in the process of placing new technologies into education. With the participation of the application of artificial intelligence, VR has already been used in such research and fields by scientists and students:
- At Yale University, a group of students performed gallbladder surgery. After the end of the surgical operation, statistics were collected and it was concluded that using VR data, students were 28% faster than those who worked in their usual mode.
- Not so long ago, Cambridge students conducted a study of symbols and hieroglyphs applied to one of the tombs on the Giza Plateau. It would seem a common thing, but the groups doing this research were located in completely different parts of the planet. Doghead created rumii software, which the researchers used. This software plays an important role in training.
- Google not so long ago presented us with a possible trip to the Palace of Versailles and used more than 130,000 photos to make it real! Not only this excursion is available to us, but also many other objects that are known to the whole world invite us to explore them using VR.

Statistics tell us that Europe and the United States are leaders in using virtual reality in education and the number of new projects.

Is VR already available in education today and how can it be used?

Most of us are divided into two types of people: those who see VR as only a tool for playing games and having fun, and those who believe that VR is something that is still not available for common use. This is a misconception because VR already has affordable prices and a wide variety of software built for it, as we mentioned earlier.

For personal and scientific use, there is certain VR content that we can find in a large number of sources:

-A huge number of YouTube videos support VR functions. The service itself also contributes to the placement of such content.
-Google Play and App Store have dozens of apps to increase your skills. They are freely available or available for purchase at a reasonable price.
-Developers are creating new software for less frequent use. As a rule, this refers to the programs that people use, used in the field of education and to achieve specific goals.
-There are also demos of applications for home use that help us understand whether we want to continue to develop our abilities in this direction.

Each of us, starting the process of acquaintance with VR, takes the first steps and if you need research paper help about what VR is or about any other similar topic, you can always get this help from professionals

What are the reasons to start using VR in education right now?

Let's remember what VR is in general. This is an expanded perception of reality, which allows you to see the world deeper and perceive this reality deeper. In a literal sense, you are loaded into a certain environment you need and perceive and process information much better.

Consider the following benefits of VR:
1. Ability to focus on the task. In this world, you concentrate on where you are and what you see. VR grabs your attention and external factors take a secondary role.
2. Improving the visual aspect of the situation. With the help of the capabilities of the software, you can both approach the object under study and look at it from a farther distance than a person as a whole can not do. For example study molecules, see a building from a height of 1000 meters, and so on.
3. Involvement in action and the right environment have a high level. Considering that almost any action can be programmed and configured, this is more than real.
4. Confidence in the safety of actions. Using VR, you don't get trauma when you try to drive a car for the first time, do a chemical experiment, or take a test flight on an airplane. You can rest assured that while you are studying, you and the people around you are safe.
5. Effectiveness of actions. Research has shown that students' performance in custom writing and many other spheres improved by an average of 10 to 15% after using VR.

Also, an important point is the fact that when a student learns to use VR, he is more relaxed and does not feel too much pressure and responsibility on himself, which relieves him of stress.

The usual theoretical studies will become more interesting and virtual education systems will take their place pretty soon.

The role of VR in our life and whether this technology will be developed globally.

We can already say that the future, where students will use VR as part of their education, is already close. The pace of new software development will greatly affect the overall availability of use. A big plus of VR is that this is the technology that can be used at any stage of training and professional development.

The technology is quite advanced, but still has the following problems and it is going to take a long time to eliminate them:
1. Reducing the cost of software. The more competition there will be and the more the market will demand, the more programmers will begin to increase their abilities in this direction.
2. Preparing people to use VR. Many are still not familiar with this and many also feel moral discomfort. The public must become familiar with the theory, get assignment help from specialists, and practice using VR, and these problems will become less and less common over time.
3. Changing the education system. This most important issue should be dealt with directly by the government of every country. And this is probably one of the most difficult parts of introducing technology into our lives and can take years.

All we have to do is wait until virtual reality becomes more accessible and affordable for the consumer.

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