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Job activities

by Torsten Daerr

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Hello everyone, this is Sue from English Online again. How are you doing? Today I'm going to tell you something about my daily activities.

I usually get up at about 6:30 and the first thing I do is switch on the radio. It's always tuned to BBC radio news so I start the day with the latest happenings and events.

My workplace is very close by so I'm able to walk. It takes about ten minutes to get there and it's good exercise for me as I try to walk very fast.

I usually start work at 8:45 and I finish about 5:15. We work for a large financial company. There are 10 people in our office -- 7 financial advisors, a customer manager, a company trainer and coach and our area manager. I have a desk with a PC and a telephone. From my PC, I can access the Internet as well as our corporate intranet. All of our clients are private individuals who need advice on how to invest their money. They contact our company either via email or phone or through personal contact to make an appointment with one of the advisors. Then, they come to the office and we design a personal investment plan for them.

My job is to handle the day to day administration for my area manager who has 10 offices to run. I also help develop training needs analysis for our coach and I devise informational spreadsheets. I also take my turn at advising our clients when I am needed. I enjoy the personal contact with them as they come from all walks of life and are all ages.

All of our corporate clients are handled by our head office so we do not see any of them.

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