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How can you improve your English for free?

by Torsten Daerr

Dear Friend,

There a many ways you can practise and improve your English and here are some of them:
  • book an English course at a language school in your country or abroad
  • go on a trip to the US/UK/Australia
  • buy a language software program
  • sign up for an online English course at EnglishTown or any other website
  • book Skype sessions with an English teacher

    I'm sure you know a number of things you could add to this list but what do these options have in common? Yes, they all cost money! For example, you can only learn English at a language school if you pay for the course. As soon as you stop paying the school, it stops teaching you. Since learning and practising a language is a life-long process, you need to pay all your life if you want an English teacher to teach you.

    Now, how much money are you planning to spend on improving your English? Let's say you want to learn English in an English class. Did you know that this method of learning could easily cost you several hundred dollars or Euros every month? Can you afford that? clearly not if you don't have a well-paid job. And if you do have a well-paid job, you actually might not need a paid English class because your English is already good enough to read articles, watch movies and listen to audio books in English.

    You might know the saying 'The best things in life are free'. So what are your alternatives to paid English courses? Free materials, services and resources of course! And where do you find them?
    Let me give you some details on what exactly you can expect from our site for free:
  • the email English course you have been receiving for more than a year
  • A proofreading and editing service (you can get an unlimited number of essays and texts proofread, edited and amended)
  • feedback and advice on how to improve your pronunciation and accent
  • you can ask an unlimited number of grammar and vocabulary questions
  • thousands of interactive grammar and vocabulary tests and quizzes
  • hundreds of TOEIC and TOEFL listening comprehension exercises and questions
  • several complete TOEIC and TOEFL simulation tests with your individual scores

    Now you might be thinking 'where is the catch' or 'how is it possible to get all these things for free'? Well, our site pretty much operates like Google: You can get a great variety of high quality services and products that are sponsored by a large number of companies. too, is sponsored by companies that advertise on our site so we can offer you such a variety of free services. It is our goal to provide free English language resources to anyone from any country.

    Friend, How important are free English learning materials to you? What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of having access to free resources? We have started a forum poll on this question and you can read your fellow learners' thoughts and opinions here: How important are free learning materials to you?

    Many thanks,
    Torsten Daerr
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