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The Photo Contest Has Started!

by Torsten Daerr

Dear Friend,

It's been quite a while since we announced our online photo contest. Do you remember it? Well, we ran a poll on the forum asking you and all the other members to decide on a topic. Guess what, 'the place I live/work in' came out on top. So the floor is open for you, Friend. Go ahead, take a photo of your workplace or the place you live in and post it on the forum thread below. To get the contest started, I've already posted a couple of photos showing Alex Birnkammerer explaining a variety of mobile phone applications to me. If you don't have a job yet or prefer to show us your home, then you can also take one or more photos of your dorm, your flat/apartment or your house.

Once we have collected the 100 submissions, we'll start voting on them to nominate the best photo and description. Please note that we will assess your photo as well as the forum post that describes what we see or can't see in the photo. Your description should be between 50 and 150 words long and written in a clear and lively style. It can also contain questions such as 'Who do you think is the person in the picture?' or 'What device am I holding in my hand?'. To increase your chances I strongly recommend that you also record your description as a voice message! The winner will receive all our English language products at a value of $166 as well as 60 minutes of Skype English coaching with Alan Townend, me, or another of our online English language trainers.

So Friend, grab your photo camera or your cell phone, take a number of amazing pictures and post them onto to the following thread. Please note that the photo upload function works only if you click in 'Post Reply'. Please help us choose a topic for our photo contest!

I look forward to seeing your photos and hearing your recordings!

Good luck,
Torsten Daerr

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