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Are you a winner? (part 3)

by Torsten Daerr

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Second, winners are willing to learn from their mistakes and change their habits. The fact that you have purchased this program is proof that you're willing to learn, and that's a vital ingredient for success. It's now up to you to decide if you are also a winner because winners know that learning means positive change. Winners look forward to changing their habits whenever they need to. You've probably bought this program because you have tried traditional English courses and methods, and you're not satisfied with the results. Don't expect to find those same grammar explanations and vocabulary exercises in this book. Expect something slightly different - something that requires you to analyze and change your living and thinking habits.

And third, winners have the courage to be individuals. In any society, very few people think entirely on their own, come to their own decisions, or take the lead. The vast majority just follow a small group of leaders. Winners, on the other hand, are way above average when it comes to the ability to decide what is good or bad for themselves. They question the status quo and find answers to their own ways of doing things. For example, a winner would ask him/herself this question: "Can I learn English by going to an English class where most of the time I hear how other learners try to speak English? Maybe instead of listening to other learners, I should listen to native speakers!" Unfortunately, most learners never ask themselves this question, simply because they are used to merely following others, trying to learn in the same way that others try but fail at. There reasoning goes like this: "If everyone else attends group classes or buys English course software, why should I do anything differently?". Yes, it takes courage to think for yourself and to do things differently.

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This training course is called English for Winners, and before you delve into it, we should find out together if it is for you.

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First, winners set their own goals and follow through on their decisions. They make a habit of setting targets and achieving them.

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