A Clean Slate (3)

Cy:  I feel a little sad. It's been a lot of fun with you two.

Natalie:  I know what you mean. Do you have any plans?

Cy:  Yes, I plan to spend some more time with Linda.

Natalie:  Good for you! What about Omega? Will you stay with the company?

Cy:  I think so. I'm going to make an announcement at the meeting about my research and latest discovery. I'm hoping Linda and I can continue to work together on it.

Natalie:  Do you think the shareholders have heard anything about the drug lab?

Cy:  Who knows? The DEA promised to keep it out of the papers for 3 days, But if any of the employees heard about it and told others…(he pauses) Well, gossip travels fast!

Natalie:  What could the shareholders do to the company? Would the board members lose their jobs?

Cy:  The shareholders legally own shares of the company, so collectively they own the company. They get one vote per share, so they could vote on electing a new board or the right to demand distributions

Natalie:  Do you really think that will happen?

Cy:  If they are worried about the company closing, they will want to get their money out as soon as possible. The shareholders have the right to a company's assets during liquidation, but their rights are subordinate to any creditors. They could lose all their money invested in Omega.

Natalie:  I can understand why there will be some very anxious people at the meeting.

Cy:  Especially since this is an impromptu meeting. A meeting wasn't scheduled until next March. .(Steve comes out of the bedroom with a suitcase.)

Steve:  I just called for the limo driver and he'll be here in a few minutes.

Cy:  Steve, do you plan on coming back?

Steve:  I don't know, Cy. But I will call you as soon as possible. Maybe tomorrow evening. (looking at Natalie) Have you made your flight reservation?

Natalie:  No, I haven't…

Cy:  I talked her into staying a little longer. I'm taking Linda and Natalie out for lunch.

Steve:  Looking at watch.) I better get downstairs. Goodbye, Cy. It's been a pleasure meeting you. (shakes hands) Goodbye, Natalie. I wish you lots of happiness. If you change your mind about calling me…

Natalie:  Goodbye, Steve. (trying not to cry.)

Cy:  We'll go downstairs with you.

Steve:  No, that's all right; the limo is coming right away. I'd rather just say "goodbye" here. (he hurries out the door.)

They both stare at the door, sad at Steve's abrupt departure.

Cy:  I guess we should be leaving soon, too. I told Linda to meet us at the Palmer House for lunch. The meeting will be in one of the ballrooms.

Natalie:  (wiping her eyes) I don't know if I did the right thing.

Cy:  What do you mean? (They both sit down.)

Natalie:  I told Steve we shouldn't see each other until after the divorce.

Cy:  Do you mind if I ask why?

Natalie:  At the time, I thought it was important that we could start seeing each other with a "clean slate".

Cy:  And now you are regretting telling him that?

Natalie:  Yes.

Cy:  Then call him and let him know how you feel.

Natalie:  He's going to think I'm a "scatter-brain."

Cy:  Not a chance! Call him. (He stands up) Let's get out of here; maybe go for a walk?

Natalie:  Isn't it too early to meet Linda?

Cy:  We could walk down Michigan Avenue and do some window shopping. Or we could walk over to the Art Institute.

Natalie:  Why don't we save the trip to the Art Institute for later? I read in the newspaper, there are over 300,000 works of art. Some of it is by Grant Wood, Edward Hopper and also a collection by Monet. We wouldn't have enough time to really enjoy seeing the paintings.
Author: Torsten Daerr