A Clean Slate (5)

Webb:  If you will please sit down, I will try to answer all your questions. (He waits patiently as shareholders finally sit) First of all, Omega has options. You might lose a little money, but with the disclosure by Dr. Krueger, you all stand to make an incredible amount of money. (The audience members look at each other) Dr. Krueger, will you please come to the podium? (Cy stands up.)

Cy:  Hello, my name is Cyrus Krueger. I'm a research scientist as well as a medical doctor. As we get older, there are certain unpleasant things that happen to our bodies. One of those unpleasant occurrences is arthritis. I bet some of the people in this audience know what I am talking about. The pain, the crippling fingers? (Many people nod in agreement) Last year, I began to notice signs of this debilitating disease. You can imagine my shock. I was naïve enough to think it would never happen to me. I made it my goal to do something about it.

After months and months of trial and error, the fantastic result is: I've discovered a cure for arthritis.

Shareholder:  (stunned) What? No more arthritis? Astonishing! Impossible!

Cy:  Yes, it is possible. I've tested the formula on myself. (holds up his hands) Have you ever seen such good looking hands on an old man? (people laugh.)

Webb:  (goes to microphone again) Ladies and gentlemen, is this not an amazing man? (indicating Cy audience stands up, clapping with thunderous applause.) Thank you, Cy. This discovery will change the lives of millions of people today and future generations. You are a real hero!

Cy:  (turns red) I couldn't have done it alone. I had the help of a wonderful assistant. Linda, will you please stand up? (She does and is embarrassed, but pleased at the same time.

Webb:  All right, will everyone please sit down again. (They are excitedly talking) Together, we have a few decisions to make. Ron Johnson has some more information to give you, and then there is a ballot on the tables for your votes.

Johnson:  All of the board members have been talking about the possibility of the DEA not allowing us back in the building; what would we do then? We would have to have another building. (Shareholders nod eagerly) We have "combed" the whole area and have not found an acceptable place.

Webb:  We considered buying land, hiring an architect, and a contractor, but that would take at least a year, maybe more.

Shareholder:  No! That's too long. We'd lose our shirts.

Johnson:  Hear me out. We think there is a positive solution to this problem. Some research was quickly done, and the board thinks Omega should move to Mexico.

Shareholders:  Mexico? Why?

Webb:  There are several reasons this would be advantageous: one, labor cost is low, the good weather means low utility bills and there is a building available immediately! Omega could be back in business in the next few weeks. Your next dividend check would be sent to you much sooner than if we built in Chicago. Or we could wait until the DEA gives us the final o.k.

There is lots of loud talking as the shareholders excitedly discuss the suggestion.

Shareholders. Sounds good! I'm voting for Mexico.
Author: Torsten Daerr