A Close Encounter (3)

Steve:  Something good?

Natalie:  Oh, Steve, I've been talking too much! Let's change the subject and talk about you. What do you enjoy doing?

Steve:  What do I enjoy doing? No one has ever asked me that. I used to enjoy so many things, but since my divorce…

Natalie:  I'm sorry; if you'd rather not talk about it…

Steve:  Well, I'm not going to bore you with a lot of "poor me" talk. But you are easy to talk to!

Natalie:  Thank you. I think you are, too. I hope we are sitting near each other on plane. It would be a pleasant way to pass the hours.

Steve:  Hey, check your ticket! Wouldn't it be too weird if we were next to each other?

Natlalie:  If I had that kind of luck; I would buy a lottery ticket! (She checks her ticket.) I have a window seat in row 14, what is yours?

Steve:  It's too far away from your seat. If it's all right with you, I'll go see if I can change our seats to get two together. Is that OK?

Natalie:  Yes, I think I'd like that.

Steve:  OK, wait here and I'll be right back. (He hurries to the counter. A few minutes later he returns with a big grin on his face.) I got two tickets together!

Natalie:  That's great! Maybe we should finish our coffee and get ready to board.

Steve:  Good idea! They start boarding first class in 15 minutes.

Natalie:  First class? (She is startled.) But you didn't…

Steve:  It was the only place I could get two seats together. The plane is completely full.

Natalie:  But you shouldn't have spent…

Steve:  Don't worry about it. The company policy allows us to take someone along on these trips to Chicago. So I'm not spending my money.

Natalie (She is clearly embarrassed.) But you're not taking me along, I'm going to see my sister. This is a little awkward.

Steve:  Please don't feel embarrassed, I enjoy talking to you and we might not ever meet again.

Natalie:  That's true. I've never flown first class before. I'll feel like a VIP!

Steve:  (Smiling.) Then I'm forgiven for buying you a first class ticket?

Natalie:  (Laughing.) Yes, you're forgiven.

The boarding call is announced. They walk back to the gate in the waiting room. Steve hands the passes to the attendant and they proceed down the carpet and onto the plane. Another attendant stows their small suitcases and shows them where to sit. He then brings them a class of champagne and hors d'oeuvres. Fifteen minutes later, the plane is on its way to Chicago.
Author: Torsten Daerr