A Sinister Connection (1)

Heather was oblivious of the admiring stares as the hurried across the restaurant dining room. On most days, she would have been aware of the women's envious looks and the men's lustful ones. However, today she was too angry to notice anything but the man sitting in the corner. Bruce Allen jumps to his feet as she approaches.)

Heather:  (sitting down) What was so important that it couldn't wait until tomorrow? This is the busiest time of the day at the store.

Bruce:  I think I have some very good news!

Heather:  Oh? What is it?

Bruce:  I was outside Jameson's office door talking to one of the secretary's and I overheard a very interesting conversation.

Heather:  (impatiently) For heaven's sake, get to the point!

Bruce:  The old man was talking to someone about a take-over of the company. It seems someone has been buying up stock and now owns more than Jameson does.

Heather:  And how is that good news?

Bruce:  Let me finish. One of the secretaries said there will be a meeting in the morning. Don't you understand? Jameson's family no longer has the controlling interest in the company. He could be let go.

Heather:  How can that happen; didn't he start the company?

Bruce:  Yes, but if another corporation buys his company, they're going to bring in their own people. There are going to need me to help with the organization They won't want Jameson around!

Heather:  Why would they choose you instead of one of their own employees?

Bruce:  Do you remember when I worked late one night last week?

Heather:  Yes, we missed going to the opera!

Bruce:  The reason I worked late was to "embellish" my work record. I may have changed a few figures and facts to make myself look more valuable. (smiling) Jameson tried threatening to put me on a "black list", but I think I will have the last word on who is going to be unemployable.

Heather:  How is that going to help me ruin Steve?

Bruce:  Why are you still so angry about the divorce? You wanted one as much as he did.

Heather:  Yes, but I wanted it to happen when I was ready! He's a very important person in the company and we received lots of invitations to parties. Now I'm "Mrs. Nobody" and I hate him for it! I rarely get an invitation to any party now.

Bruce:  He might not be an important person in the company much longer…

Heather:  What do you mean?

Bruce:  I might be able to fix it so I become Steve's boss.

Heather:  (smiling) Wouldn't that be lovely? Maybe I will stay for lunch.

A waiter approaches to take their orders. Bruce orders a steak, while Heather decides to eat a Cobb salad.

Bruce:  I feel as though I'm celebrating; waiter, bring me a bottle of Napa Valley's best!

Waiter:  Very good, sir; I'll bring that right away. (He leaves.)

Bruce:  Do you think "The Golden Boy" would be shocked to find out we've been seeing each other for the last two years?

Heather:  I'm sure he would! I thought he was a real "choir boy," but now I wonder if he has hidden some assets from me.

Bruce:  I thought the divorce settlement was generous.

Heather:  Generous? Hah! I just know there is more money hidden somewhere.

Bruce:  Well, there isn't much you can do about it now.

Heather:  You don't think so? Well I have a little surprise up my sleeve for him While he's in Chicago….

Bruce jerks upward startled and chokes on his drink of water. He slams the glass down on the table. He looks very pale.
Author: Torsten Daerr