A Sinister Connection (3)

Cy:  Well, my boy, any news?

Steve:  Not really, Cy. I did see Helga, though.

Cy:  Helga? Was she at the lab this late? She shouldn't be down there by herself at night. Did she ask about me? (sheepishly.)

Steve:  (laughing) Yes, she did.

Cy:  Well, what did she say? Is she going to come here to see me?

Steve:  (frowning) I don't think it's a good idea to let people know where you are staying.

Cy:  But Helga isn't "people", I've known her for years!

Steve:  I know, Cy, but right now we have to think about your safety. What if she tells the wrong person where you are? So far, just the board members know you are staying here.

Cy:  (grumbling) I suppose you're right; but I'm bored! Besides, how do you know those fellows can be trusted not to blab?

Natalie:  (smiling) I think he's starting to feel better. Cy, do you want to watch a movie with me? Can you have a glass of wine?

Cy:  Nope. Can't even have wine when I'm taking those dratted pills!

Steve:  Cy poses a good question; I'd better talk to the board members and tell them not to reveal where he's staying.

Natalie:  I'm going to fix some popcorn, guys. Why don't you check the movie selection?

Steve:  By the way, Helga said she has another cold. That was really nice of you to get her a large box of cold medication; she really appreciated it.

Cy:  (puzzled) I don't know what you are talking about, Steve. I never ordered any cold medication for Helga. She hasn't been sick a day since I met her. Besides, Helga orders all the supplies for the lab.

Steve:  That's really strange; Helga said she has allergies and colds. I saw her get a box out of the lab.

Cy:  Don't know what it could be. Let's watch the movie now; looks like a good one.

Steve mulls over what both Cy and Helga have told him. One of them is lying, but which one and why? He hated to think it was either of them. Who was responsible for the underground drug lab? Thinking back, he wondered who needed money the most? Was it one of the board members?

Natalie:  Steve, you are frowning so much; don't you like the movie?

Steve:  I guess I have too much on my mind to concentrate on the movie. If You don't mind, I'll say goodnight now. I want to make a few calls before I go to sleep.

Cy:  Goodnight, then.

Natalie:  Goodnight. We'll tell you about the movie in the morning.

Steve goes to his room and calls one of the DEA agents.

Steve:  Hey, Dave. I hope it isn't too late to call you….Oh, that's right. It's two hours earlier Sure, a golf game when I get home sounds good. Chicago. I'm here to do a little trouble shooting. Dave, remember when you gave that lecture about crystal meth and how to make the drugs ineffective? Well, I was telling some of the guys here about it, but couldn't remember the details. (Steve starts writing) So you burn or pour …cold medication?….but I thought drug dealers used that to make drugs? Non-epinephrine makes it invalid? What about marijuana? Cold. Hmm. Interesting. Thanks, Dave. I'll call when I get home about the golf game. Bye. (puts phone on receiver.) I'd better get some sleep; it will be a busy day tomorrow!

Steve is awake early the next morning. He looks at his watch. 4:30. I hate to call the limo driver this early. Maybe if I shower, and have some breakfast first… I want to get to Omega before anyone else. I know now what I have to do to that drug lab. He showers, dresses and is making coffee when Natalie appears in the kitchen.
Author: Torsten Daerr